Family Fun Cakes: Step-By-Step Gum Paste

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, directly down Santa Claus path, so goes the melody. There is no better method to spread seasonal happiness than to add Santa to a cake or cupcake. Fortunately, with these directions, you will experience no difficulties making a fast and simple gum glue and marzipan Santa.

To make a gum glue and marzipan Santa, you will require:

Gum glue


Red, green, and earthy colored food shading

Moving pin

Blossom cutout round with ten shallow petals

Waxed paper

First off, cover your work surface with waxed paper.

To make the whiskers, turn out white gum glue and cut out with bloom cutout. Cut off the top edge with the goal that it is simpler to apply Santa’s face.

For Santa’s face, make a level oval of marzipan and spot over the whiskers.

Reveal extra glue for Santa’s mustache. Utilize the bloom cutout and cut along the edge of the mixture. I like to utilize three petals for one side of his mustache, and three petals for the opposite side. Trim along the contrary side of the petals to make a straight line. This will be the highest point of Santa’s mustache. Join under face or more whiskers.


With red marzipan, structure a level triangle with your hands. Append to the ζαχαρόπαστα point of Santa’s head as the start of his cap.

Fold white gum glue into a chamber with your hands. Append to the base edge of Santa’s cap where his face meets his cap.

Make a little chunk of white gum glue and connect to the highest point of Santa’s cap as a decoration.

Roll a bundle of marzipan to use as Santa’s nose and put all over.

With white glue, move two balls in your fingers and level. Add to Santa’s face over his nose. These will be his eyes.

With earthy colored gum glue, move two little balls with your fingertips and level. These will be his students. For a pleasant look that keeps the character from gazing at you, connect the understudies so they are looking toward Santa’s nose.

Make three little circles of red marzipan to make holly berries. Spot on the edge of Santa’s cap in a three-sided design.

For the holly leaves, turn out three little green logs of marzipan. Curve the marzipan so it has two little crimps making a crisscross example for the leaves. Add the leaves over the holly berries.

For the mouth, roll a little wad of red marzipan and straighten. Append beneath Santa’s whiskers.

Permit your Santa to dry on waxed paper prior to applying to your cake. Another choice is to amass the Santa on top of your cake. Remember that gum glue is not especially delectable, yet that marzipan is. This formula can be utilized to make a marzipan Santa; all you should do is add earthy colored color to Santa’s face to differentiate his almond-shading whiskers. Appreciate