Excellent kids art classes Singapore

The best art is created under the best guidance. Their experience allows you to develop your child’s skills in every art class you take.

They at little-artist.com offer courses for all artists-

  • Little blossoms (2.5 to 6.5 years)

Children learn from well-designed art lessons, sketches, drawings, 3D art, interactive art and culture. and clay sculpture

  • Just drawing (4-8 years)

Their goal is to give you the confidence to use all of Singapore’s drawing tools (pencils, pens, pencils, charcoal, etc.) while promoting independent rendering.

  • Junior Picasso (6.5-8.5 years)

Art history uses various techniques and objects in interesting ways, including watercolours, coloured pencils, water-soluble pencils, graphite pencils, etc., to instil observation and creation.

  • Budding Artist Project (8-17 years old)

This course examines drawing, painting, and art history, all of the artistic skills and knowledge used to develop and improve skills.

  • How to draw anything – sketching program

A course dedicated to preschoolers and adolescents to learn the basics of drawing such as lines, colours, and shapes, improve their writing skills, and achieve balanced compositions.

  • My favourite medium (8-17 years old)

Children are guided and supported with skills to express themselves in their favourite media.

  • Portfolio preparation

The Visual Arts program is designed to assist students who wish to study art, design, architecture, or related fields at the School of the Arts (SOTA).

  • Art for special needs

Include children in the plan with additional help (dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, learning difficulties, language impairment) to develop fine motor skills and attention and creativity.

  • Photography for juniors (7 plus)

Learn how to tell interesting stories with your digital camera. Combine photographic techniques with interesting indoor, and outdoor techniques Students process the images.

  • Digital arts for juniors (8+)

The Youth Digital Arts (8+) program is scheduled once a week to develop advanced technical skills.

Call +656 449 0339 for admission in kids art classes Singapore, +65 64 490 960 for general questions.