Penetration Testing to Your Business

Penetration Testing Work

Companies seem to have a greater risk of violation of potential data and information leaks than ever. Survey of Government Information Security Violations, published in June of last year, shows that 90% of large organizations in the United Kingdom who responded to the survey reported a violation of the security of the Sort in 2015, as well as 74% of small and medium. Size companies. Cyber Criminals become more sophisticated to enter the infrastructure of an organization and access valuable information, so it is crucial to keep up with the security of your business.Sec-Tec offers companies a full penetration test that can identify Kinks in their infrastructure. From there, we can help rectify identified problems and protect the activity in the question of cyber attacks. 

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A sure way to identify vulnerabilities

The penetration testing singapore simulates a cyber-attack, but without flying or compromising any of the information from a company.

  • The process begins with a review of available public information sources that may have a detrimental impact on the safety of a company, followed by a technical assessment of an organization’s security checks. Once the vulnerability has been found, it will be reported, the process is then repeated to constitute a list of attack points in the system.
  • Several different methodologies can be used: the “Box White” test provides the test team with information about the system. This is provided to reduce the time and cost of the global project. The “Black Box” test does not provide any additional information to the test team than available to the public. Everyone has its merits.

A panties test will identify the safety holes of a company that a computer hacker will be able to find in the future. By finding the weaknesses of your company’s infrastructure before a malicious computer hacker, you can connect such penetration testing singapore and better protect your business.