What Are Some Comic Websites That Provide Behind-The-Scenes?

Comic websites that offer behind-the-scenes content and interviews are a treasure trove for avid comic book fans and aspiring creators alike. These platforms provide unique insights into the creative processes, inspirations, and challenges faced by comic book artists, writers, and other industry professionals. Below are some prominent comic websites known for their extensive behind-the-scenes content and insightful interviews?

    Comic Book Resources CBR: CBR is one of the most popular comic book news and analysis websites. It features a dedicated section called Behind the Panel, where readers can find in-depth interviews with comic creators, and behind-the-scenes peeks into the making of beloved comic book series. From scriptwriting and art design to the editorial process, CBR’s interviews offer valuable perspectives on the comic industry.

    Newsarama: Another prominent 뉴토끼 news website, Newsarama, provides a series of interviews called Best Shots that go beyond simple reviews and delve into the intricacies of comic book storytelling. These interviews feature discussions with writers and artists about their latest works, offering fans a glimpse into the thought processes and choices that shape their favorite stories.


    ComicBook: ComicBook regularly features interviews with comic creators, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content. The website has a strong focus on popular mainstream comics, but it also covers independent and international works, making it a well-rounded source for comic enthusiasts.

    Comic Crusaders: Known for its passion for comics, Comic Crusaders stands out with its Creator Talks segment. These interviews allow creators to share their experiences, artistic journeys, and future projects directly with the readers. The platform also features behind-the-scenes articles that cover various aspects of the comic book industry.

    Graphic Policy: This website offers not only behind-the-scenes interviews but also explores the social and cultural impact of comic books. Readers can find insightful conversations with creators that not only delve into their works but also touch on broader topics like diversity and representation in the comic industry.

    ComicsVerse: While ComicsVerse focuses on critical analysis of comics, it also excels in presenting behind-the-scenes content. Through interviews and articles, the website highlights the artistic process, character development, and thematic explorations in various comic book series.

    AIPT Comics: AIPT Comics features regular interviews with creators, where they discuss their latest projects and share their perspectives on the comic book industry. The website also showcases sneak peeks of upcoming issues and exclusive preview pages, making it a must-visit for those eager to get a glimpse of what is next.

    Bleeding Cool: In addition to covering the latest comic book news, Bleeding Cool offers extensive interviews with comic creators. Their Creator’s Commentary section allows creators to break down their work page-by-page, offering readers a unique insight into the artistic process.

    Den of Geek: Den of Geek’s comic book section includes insightful interviews with writers, artists, and editors. It covers a wide range of comic-related topics, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the medium’s diverse and ever-changing landscape.

In conclusion, comic websites that offer behind-the-scenes content and interviews provide a wealth of information and entertainment for comic book enthusiasts. These platforms allow readers to gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry and creativity behind their favorite stories, while also offering valuable insights into the comic industry’s inner workings. Whether you are an aspiring creator or simply a fan seeking to learn more about the comics you love, these websites are essential destinations to explore the fascinating world of comic books.